Healing Trauma And The Body Using Playback Theater

Healing Trauma And The Body Using Playback Theater

Healing Trauma & The Body Using Playback Theater
A Drama Therapy & Therapeutic Spiral Model Online Group
Facilitated by:
Roni Alperin , LMCT, RDT/BCT
Accredited Playback Theater Trainer
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WHERE: Online via Zoom
WHEN: Tuesday night starting June 14th 2022 7:30pm-10pm PST
DURATION: 32 Weeks Total,4 8-Weeks Cycles
FEE: $50 per meeting

In this strengths-based drama therapy group, 10 participants will learn to heal their traumatic experiences. Trauma often leaves us scared, defensive, and disconnected from our bodies. We can develop self-defeating beliefs and behaviors. We can feel overwhelmed with traumatic flashbacks. We find ourselves surviving and not thriving.

This group will create a safe place for you to:

  • practice new behaviors
  • reconnect with your strengths and creativity
  • transform your stuck emotions and parts
  • reclaim your body
  • learn to manage and contain flashbacks
  • understand and shift your defenses
  • ignite a sense of hope in a chaotic world

We will use a trauma-informed approach to Playback Theater to support in developing your intuition, creativity, empathy and spontaneity as you learn how to improvise real life stories. This group will interweave Playback Theater with the Therapeutic Spiral Model (TSM) , dance/movement, music, Psychodrama, ritual, art and music to nurture and expand an internal role repertoire in a post-traumatic growth context.

No previous acting skills needed.
Shy people welcome!
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Overview of the Group Process

First 8-Week Cycle: Containment and Resilience

  • Build and tap into strengths
  • Learn to contain and sooth emotional dysregulation
  • Practice embodied empathy
  • Develop intuition, creativity and spontaneity
  • Identify self defeating beliefs and patterns
  • Reconnect to body and voice
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Introduce self compassion

Second 8-Week Cycle: Working with Defenses

  • Identify 3 categories defenses
  • Practice choice and accountability when working with defenses
  • Deepen connection to self and others
  • Apply self compassion and resourcing when defensive patterns emerge

Third 8-Week Cycle: Transforming the Trauma Triangle

  • Identify inner and outer traumatic patterns
  • Reconnect with frozen parts and stuck emotions
  • Release stuck emotions
  • Learn 3 approaches to face inner perpetrators
  • Become present and aware to neglectful and avoiding patterns
  • Practice new roles and behaviors with self and others

Fourth 8-Week Cycle: Focusing on Post-Traumatic Growth

  • Develop nurturing and firm inner parents
  • Awaken the dreamer within
  • Learn to set boundaries for self and others
  • Create a vision for a future that inspires you
  • Strengthen and commit for self care strategies
  • Make meaning out of chaos

To ensure you receive the greatest benefit from this group, we ask that you commit to the entire series.

Open to individuals of
(18+) and all backgrounds and genders.

Roni Alperin, LMFT, RDT/BCT is a psychotherapist and drama therapist in private practice in the Bay Area, CA. He is an Adjunct Professor at the CIIS Drama Therapy program. He is the founder and director of the San Francisco Playback Theatre Company a theater company that invites audience members to share real life stories that they then bring to life using improvisation, movement, spoken word, ritual and music. Roni leads Playback Theater training, performances and therapy groups with a focus on treating PTSD and personal and collective trauma.