My Approach

My Approach

I believe that no matter how difficult a time you’re having, I can help you find your balance and power again.

I know that rage, shame, confusion and helplessness can make you feel stuck, lost and hopeless. I also know that there is a way out.

In my therapy office you will feel safe and supported to unravel your feelings and thoughts, identify patterns, themes, get clear on what brought you to the place you are currently in and make intelligent new choices.

My therapeutic style is gentle,warm and direct.​

I will listen to you deeply, which will help you both to be seen and witnessed and to be more connected to your inner voice.

I use traditional talk therapy to clarify goals and strengthen your clear and empowered thinking. I use non-traditional creative arts therapy to uncover and express feelings and get you in touch with your creative and spontaneous spark.

In our first meetings we will clarify your goal for therapy. What is it that you want to get from therapy, and how it will change your life? In order to achieve those goals I will create a contract with you about how exactly I am going to help you get to those goals. This goal orientation will support your adult ego state, and will provide you with a model to make choices in your life and follow through on them. Then in every subsequent session we will create a contract for that session that will end up leading us to the overarching contract we set in the beginning. If you have any questions about this process don’t hesitate to contact me for a FREE consultation on my contact page.

​When I work with trauma I look to strengthen your healthy creative parts. Once we have established your power, we will move to reclaim lost emotions, release tension held in your body and psyche, grieve, and integrate frozen parts back into your current life so you will feel whole once again.​

When I work with anxiety I’ll teach you coping skills that will help you manage your anxiety in your daily life. You will learn to trust that you are able to manage your anxiety. Then I will offer you a safe and supportive space to discover the origins of your anxiety and to learn the necessary steps to undo old beliefs and patterns. You will grow to embrace your calmer secure parts and let go of the scared parts.

I feel passionate about creating trust with clients and help transform their lives. I invite you to call me or e-mail me to schedule a first meeting and to start your path to your power and balance.