Personal Healing Theater

Personal Healing Theater

Personal Healing Theater is therapeutic autobiographical theater, in which you create a one-person show facing your challenges and embracing new empowered parts of your self. It is a rite of passage, a rebirth ritual where you get to give birth to your new self and leave behind the parts that are not useful for you any more. You invite your audience to witness you as you reclaim the parts that you want to bring to life . You do not need to have any theatrical background in order to take part in this ritual. I will teach you all the skills you need in order to perform your solo-theater show!

This process is set as a hero journey. You, the hero, get to face difficult parts of self, memories and trapped emotions and emerge victorious on the other end.

How does it work? We set your goal for this process. We ask questions like what is it that you want to change in your life? What will be different in your life once you finish this process? What bothers you? Once we get clear on those questions we will create roles, characters and theatrical metaphors to shape your demons. This will give you power over parts of your self that felt unmanageable. We will then set the stage for you facing your demons and overcoming them. You will find new ways to reclaim lost parts, to grieve, to discover dreams, to celebrate the love for self and for the others that you hold dear.

Rite To Exist

RITE TO EXIST is a solo performance based on the true and personal story of Roni Alperin, the Israeli grandson of an Auschwitz survivor.

With precision and authenticity, RITE TO EXIST portrays the transmission of the Holocaust trauma into Roni’s family and follows his journey to liberate himself from his internal Auschwitz and reclaim his right to exist.

This gripping and inspirational drama courageously delivers the story of “third generation trauma”—the toxic effects of historical trauma on the family’s legacy—while also delivering a universal message of healing and hope.

Roni Alperin is a virtuoso actor who skillfully, smoothly, and with sublime accuracy transforms himself from one character into another. His performance of RITE TO EXIST is a compelling, must-see work of art of consummate depth and clarity.

By bringing this performance to your community you can:

  • Show how historical trauma impacts future generations
  • Show how a person can rescue themselves from toxic effects of trans- generational passage of trauma
  • Deliver a contemporary and relevant view of the Holocaust
  • Offer a realistic sense of history and Jewish identity
  • Focus on universal human truths that emerge from historical trauma
  • Show others how artistic processes can create change in our lives